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Something strange happened to me

I donít know why Iím here

Living in a dark world

And it is really hard to see myself


What Iíve done in my previous life

I canít recover my memory

From a small portion like an atom

My structure starts forming

From time to time, Iím expanding


I can neither move nor eat

Just living like a sardine in a can

But something is unique over here

A tube is connected to my body

Sending mass and energy to me


As time goes on

My structure is getting formed

I can feel the vibration from the surrounding

Anyhow, my eyes are still closed


Staying in this world for almost nine months

My position starts changing slowly

From straight to upside down

Iím extremely scared

Really donít know what to do


All in a sudden a force pushes me

The vibration from surrounding is increasing


I can neither do anything nor control it

I can hear someone screaming

The scream which sounds so loving

The force in the dark world is too strong

I tried to avoid but I failed

The force has brought me to a tunnel

The tunnel which connects the world Iím staying with another world

Due to the force, my head comes out from the little world and then my body

At the same time, someone is pulling me from the new world.


Now Iím in a new world

This new world is too noisy

And It is also too bright

I feel that Iím not secured enough.

I Ďm so scared that I cry loudly.


The brightness and the noise really annoys me

The temperature in this world is cold

Then came a stranger in a white dress

Covering me with a towel

And carried me to put beside another stranger.


I donít know why

I stopped crying suddenly

I felt so secured

And also very comfortable with this new stranger


Then this stranger touches me with her fingers

She kisses me and embraces me.


After being a long time with you ,mum

The only thing that I know is the love and also the care that you gave me since the age of one till now.

But now I realised that the love you gave when I was in your womb for nine months is the biggest that I ever had.

When I cried, you were the first person who cared for me , who loved me and also who brought me up.

Mum, You are great,

You suffered for me

What can I give you in return?

What is my dharma as a son to you?

How can I return the love you gave?




With Sai Love,